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Dr. Mod

Dr. Mod oscillates between the mod nightlife of Munich, Hamburg, New York City and a lot in between. She leaves quite an impression by dressing sharp, dancing wild and drinking hard. Apart from records and cool movies, she's got a penchant for hip blokes with sharp minds - but beware, she's said to be a praying mantis. These days she devides her sets of boogaloo, soul, funk and hammond groovers between Munich, Augsburg and Hamburg.

Top 5 Spins:
Skeewiff - Nitty Gritty
Enchantments - I'm in love with your daughter
Claude François - Prendi prendi
Joe Bataan - Chick-a-boom
Mr. Bloe - Curried Soul


The burdon of being a full-blooded music-maniac weights heavy on Alex Copasetic: He collects a vast spectrum of sixties-sounds from Soul to Ska to Reggae to R&B and Beat and spreads his sets between all of these. When not spinning records on the 6Ts-partys-circuit between Paris, Berlin, Barcelona and Leipzig (he's a Summer Safari resident DJ), he runs the Copasetic mailorder and copaseDisques label (Moving Sounds, Staggers, Monocaines, ...) He started setting up nighters in Bonn, moved on to Aachen (Magic Potion) and now ended up in Hamburg. We're glad to have him on board!

Top 5 Spins:
BILLY KEENE: Wishing & Hoping
CARL DOUGLAS: Crazy Feeling
LORDS OF LONDON: Time Waits For No One


Long Tall Ralf has been a fixture on the sixties-scene for longer than he'd care to admit. He fully embraces the joys of the modernistic party-jet-set and chances are high you've met him along the way in Rome, Stockholm, London or somewhere in between. He cherishes the earlier mod-sounds spinning meaty R&B and bobbing Jazz and bringing just another facet to the kaleidoscopic Biff-Bang-Pow-nights.

Top 5 Spins:
THURSTON HARRIS: One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer
GENE & EUNICE: I Gotta Go Home
FRED JACKSON: Cowbell Boogie

Homerun Joe

If you see a guy at half five in the morning storming over a fleamarket with a flashlight in one hand and a bunch of records in the other, chances are it’s Homerun Joe. He detests collector-nazis and jumps with joy when unearthing overlooked gems for next to nothing – which he regularly does. He spins a groovy set of up-tempo soul and R&B and if he doesn't he's busy storming the dancefloor.

Top 5 Spins:
NATHAN McKINNEY: Oh How I Love You (Ray-Co)
THE WINSTONS: Amen Brother (Metromedia)
NANCY WILSON: Uptight (Capitol)
GLORIA WALKER: Gift Of Love (Federal)
BOOKER T. & THE MG's: MG Party (Stax)

Gregg Breth

Gregg Breth came in from the tail end of the Sixties via psych and folk but also digs the beauty of three chord beat. Witnessing the Chesterfield Kings live at an early age did the rest. He collects records from very different genres but never had the „pleasure“ to deal with Mr Breth himself. Together with Homerun Joe he founded Biff Bang Pow in late 2004. He spins eclectic sets between freakbeat, mod, and continental beat.

Top 5 Spins:
THE DUKES: Unskilled Worker (Alcora)
NOEL ODOM & THE GROUP: Come On Down To Earth (Tower)
JOE E YOUNG & THE TONIKS: Flower In My Hand (Toast)
MINDBENDERS: Schoolgirl (Fontana)